Nom-Con 2011

I went to Nom-Con with Jono yesterday. It’s an anime convention that’s on every year in Dublin. Lots of the people ‘cosplay’ at the convention. There were some really brilliant costumes and everyone went to so much effort. They were all really friendly as well. I took some photos which are here.

Jono got to meet Veronica Taylor who is the original voice of Ash from Pokemon. She also did a voice in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well. She was really lovely. Veronica also did a question and answer session, there is a short bit of it here (mainly of her doing the Ash voice).

Jono also got to take part in a Pokemon tournament which he thought was great.

We went up on Friday night and stayed in the Maldron Hotel, Cardiff Lane. The photo above was taken from the balcony. I won a break on Facebook from there a while back, so we used it on Friday. It’s a nice hotel although we weren’t there for long. There was a welcome letter in our room and a lovely platter of fruit which was a really nice thought. We didn’t get into Dublin until after 10pm and two taxi’s refused to take us from the station to the hotel because it ‘wasn’t far enough!’ Someone on twitter told me that’s illegal for them to do that. We finally got a taxi to take us which was good as I didn’t fancy walking though Dublin at night.

Jono is already looking forward to next years Nom-Con.

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