Roaming around Roscommon

Jono is off on summer holidays from his course so today we decided to go to Roscommon. We were hoping to get to Strokestown House as we’ve never been there and from what I’d seen on the internet it looked like a nice place to visit.

On our way Jono spotted this telephone box. It’s one of the old Irish phone boxes and they are fairly hard to find these days. We stopped on the way back and noticed there is a Holy statue in it. Catherine tells me it’s a child of Prague which apparently is meant to bring good weather, it’s obviously not working!

We finally got to Strokestown House but it would have cost 12 euro each to get in which I think is mad money. I notice they don’t mention the admission charges on the website. It’s a shame because I would have liked to do a blog about the place but I wasn’t going to pay 24 euro for us. I also think it’s bad that there is no option just to go around the gardens or the house, the ticket is inclusive of the house, garden and famine museum. I also think it’s bad that only 1 euro discount is given to people with concessions.

Anyway we got back in the car and left. I hope if someone from Strokestown reads this blog they will review their prices.

As we were driving back we saw this statue in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields. So we stopped and had a look. It’s a statue for the people who gave their lives in the IRA.

We drove into Elphin which has a nice church.

We were looking for the windmill. The sign is fairly hiden in a tree so we missed it on the way it, it’s actually down the road opposite this cathedral. We found it in the end. Again in the middle of nowhere. It’s a lovely building there, there was no one there when we went so we could look inside it but we enjoyed looking around the outside of it.

On the way back to Carrick on Shannon we saw this lovely pub.

All in all we had a lovely day out and it cost us nothing except petrol.

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  1. These are lovely pictures and a great travelog to go with it… I agree that 12 Euros to get into the house does seem a bit steep. My experience with houses across here is around £4 to £5 for entry (4.5 to 5.5 Euros.)

  2. Great pics, Val. I think 12 euros is a bit steep too but my curiosity is getting the better of me after recent discussion elsewhere 😉 and I’m looking forward to paying a visit to Strokestown House soon.

  3. Fantastic photos Val ,lm dying to see the Windmill as l plan to live in one some day lol(wishful thinking). l have seen alot of Windmills but never this one so l look forward to going ,thanks for all the imformation .
    The photos are great of Jono in Dublin ,and the costumes are awesome ,looks like ye had a great day ,cant wait to see the phonebox now .
    Hope Jono enjoys the cheese …..lm an addict lol, Thanks for calling over ,see you soon ,many thanks for my hair straightner ,its brill ,see you soon.

    1. Thanks Martina, I’d say it’d be easy to keep a windmill clean 😉 They are lovely. I wish we had got to look inside it.
      Lovely to see you today and thanks so much for the cheese and everything. xx

  4. Hey, I’m from Strokestown, never actually been down to the Park House but €12 is a bit steep. It is privately owned though and it does have to make money to stay open. There is a lot of work in maintaining it. And considering it’s in a small town tourists aren’t exactly plentiful.

    Also, that was not the cathedral in Elphin. That was the church. The cathedral no longer exists. It was originally built by St. Patrick way back when, and after that fell, a new one was built in it’s place. That was damaged in a storm years ago, and was demolished in 1962 I think, although small bits have been reconstructed.

    1. Thanks for the info Andrew. I’ll change the bit about the cathedral.

      I understand Strokestown have to make money for the upkeep of the place but if it’s put me off and you also haven’t visited surely if they reduced the entrance fee more people would visit.

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