Happy Birthday Rocket!

Happy Birthday Rocket!, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well it’s not actually his birthday but it’s a year since we got him….time flies 🙂
I have to say well done to Lucy my deputy photographer for taking this photo 🙂

I have a couple of rants. Firstly with the library. I’m a keen reader and I hate bringing books back late. I started using the mobile library in the village and now that Jono has started his course I knew I wouldn’t be in the village when the library van was there. So I took the books back to the van. When I was in the library a few weeks ago I was told I had two books at home and was charged an overdue fee….even though I said I had taken them back to the van.
Yesterday I was back in the library and they were still looking for the books….again I said I had taken them back to the van. Luckily the mobile library driver arrived while I was there and guess what the books were in the van! Arrrggghhh!

Another rant is for the British Embassy. I’m trying to sort out a passport for Andy and he has to get a British one. I had a couple of questions so phoned the helpline….and was charged 1.75 a minute to listen to a machine, I didn’t actually get to speak to anyone.

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