It’s hard to believe that this time last week I was in Manchester. I thought it was about time I did a blog about it. You will probably have read about the Magnum concert so I won’t go over that again.

I got a flight from Ireland West Airport in Knock, which is only about 40 minutes drive from Sligo. I turned up way to early, not realising that I’d already checked in (doh!) So I wandered around the airport for a couple of hours. There’s a lovely cafe there so well worth arriving early and having a bite to eat. There’s also a nice little shop when you get through the security gate.

I was surprised to see a prayer room at the airport. I loved the stained glass windows. I’m not a fan of flying but my twitter friends kept me calm until the take off. I have to say it really wasn’t that bad. I’d taken sinutab in case I got ear pains but I was OK, there was a slight pain but nothing like I’ve had before.

I was lucky enough to get a window seat and it was a lovely clear day so I got a few photo’s. The flight only took about 50 minutes which was great…and there was no daft clapping when we landed like Ryanair do (I flew with BMI Baby).

Manchester Airport is very different to Knock. It’s so much bigger and there are different terminals and there’s quite a bit of walking. What was great though was the railway station is at the airport so I was able to get a train into the city centre.

I really liked the city, it has such a wide variety of different types of buildings. I had a brief look at China Town, I would have liked longer but I was really pushed for time.

I had dinner before the gig. I went to a pizza place next to the Palace Theatre (where they were showing Mamma Mia). I was sitting behind two of the stars of the show (Tanya and Rosie, although I’m not sure who they are in real life).

The next day I was up bright and early to have a look around. Most of the shops and places don’t open until 10am so I could have spent longer in bed. It was nice to have a walk around by the canal though.

Look at what I saw by the canal. Baby Canada Geese:

I had a look around the Museum of Science and Industry. Jono would have loved it there to see all the trains. I also got to look at Modelzone which is a model shop and I got Jono some Hornby bits for his railway.

I also walked all by Granada studios. I didn’t see anyone famous but that might have been because it was the day of the Royal Wedding so some places were closed. I was also hoping to go to the John Ryland library but that was also closed.

There were screens up in various places and people were gathering outside to watch the wedding. I carried on to the Arndale Centre although to be honest I’m sorry I bothered. I was taking a few photo’s of the shops there and the outside of the centre when I heard an ‘Oi, you can’t take photo’s in here’. The security guard made me show him the photo’s that were on my memory card and delete the ones of the centre (both in and outside it). I was taken aback to be honest. I’ve never had that happen to me before. The photo’s I had taken were just to show the family. One of the outside to show Andy (as there is an Arndale Centre in Luton). One of Gregs to show Jono as we don’t have them here. Two to show Lucy one of Hotel Chocolat and one of the Croc shop. I left a message on their facebook page to say I was disappointed that I had to delete my photo’s…..they deleted my comment. So if I ever go back to Manchester again I won’t be visiting them.

After my whistle stop tour of Manchester it was time to go home…and I haven’t been well since I got home 😦 I sound like I’m on about 80 cigarettes a day!

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  1. Hi Val, this is a really nice blog about your whistlestop tour to Manchester and your pictures are excellent as always (even make Manchester look halfway decent). Glad you managed to find your way to the train station 🙂

  2. great show Val

    We are flying to Manchester in July for a trip to the Lake District etc. I wonder what right they have to make you delete pictures. It’s not 1984 is it?

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