Hazelwood, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Thanks for the good wishes about Jono’s course. He got on really well and can’t wait to go back tomorrow 🙂

I took mum into town with us today so she could go shopping. While I was over collecting Jono she spotted a little child about to throw a lifebuoy into the river. She told the child to stop as it’s parents weren’t paying any attention but he did it anyway. The parents couldn’t understand her. I wonder should she have said anything, you never know what people are like.

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  1. that’s fabulous news for Jono, so what’s this course covering?

    As for the parents not taking notice of a kid by a river – my god, they need their heads testing. And I dread to think who they’d blame if something had happened to him. Shame there wasn’t someone of some authority around to enforce a fine to pay for a new one – hope to god no-one needs that lifebuoy as a matter of urgency in time to come. Grrrrrrrr.

    1. Well he’s only tried one course at the moment. It’s covering health, cooking and computers. He get’s to try another course next week at the same place. I think they want him to do a mixture of the two.

      Some parents just let their kids do anything 😦

  2. Hi Val
    Just catching up with events after a few days without internet access at home. (Just taking a lunch break at work at the moment).
    Glad to hear that Jono enjoyed day one of the course. It sounds very interesting and will be useful subjects for him to get involved with.
    I’ve nothing to say about the lifebouy parents, as, quite simply, words fail me!

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