I entered a photo competition on Facebook run by Canvasworks I was delighted when my photo won 🙂 I got a canvas version of it. It’s great because I never print up any of the photo’s I take. Below is the original photo.

Then today I phoned out that I had won another photo competition on Facebook from the Maldron Hotel, Cardiff Lane, Dublin. It was this photo that won:

So it’s all been very exciting. I also got an email today to say that one of my photo’s is going to be in a book for charity. I will tell you more about that when I know more 😀

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  1. Well done Val! Things happen in threes so just watch for the next one! Delighted you won, these are wonderful photos – I love the misty one and also the Samuel Beckett Bridge is beautiful – would you believe I’ve never actually seen it close up as I keep passing O’Connell bridge and the one downriver from it but apart from seeing the Pringle box (as my son calls the National Convention Centre!) I haven’t got that far downriver. Next time in Dublin maybe! Yes, Golden Harvest is lovely – on the N25 between Dungarvan and Waterford City bypass, near Kilmacthomas. Hope it doesn’t get plundered like some of the road art for bronze and copper.
    Catherine xxx
    (Glad I wasn’t the only failure with Skippy Dies!)

    1. Thanks Catherine. We were staying at the Clarion and I was hanging over the balcony taking photo’s 😉
      I actually like the Convention Centre, well I like it at night when it’s all lit up.
      The library were very lucky I didn’t throw Skippy Dies at them. I honestly couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Load of blooming rubbish. xxx

      1. Ok well just saw this now and to be honest with the new baby and every thing in the past fortnight I hadn’t time to even read other BBC reviews. And I am reading a very worthy book for Monday and our own realworld bookclub (Body Shopping) all about the sale in body parts from stem cells to grave robbing. Very academic and tons of footnotes and I will have a right go at the nominator as it’s head wrecking and too much like homework! TG I didn’t buy it but got a loan from a friend who got it on Amazon – bet she’s happy! Major axe grinding and huge agenda going on there. NOt in the form for such lecturing!
        Catherine x And that photo is wonderful!

      2. That does sound like a tough book to read Catherine. I’m glad it wasn’t picked for our club x I know Lorna gave up on Skippy too.

  2. Congratulations! I love your photos! The one of the horse in the mist is shown quite often on RTE and it’s one of my favorites! 🙂

  3. thrilled to bits to see it on a canvas Val, i fell in love with that pic the first day you posted it…. definitely one of those ‘wish i’d taken that’ pics! xxxxx

  4. Hi Wal
    when i was in dublin, february this year – i made some shots just with Samuel Beckett’s; look at :))
    btw, there are some pics with enniscrone beach too- last august

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