What happened to Spring?


Icy windscreen, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

This was my car windscreen this morning. After I did my Jedward (ice, ice baby) impression I got to work with the can of de-icer and cleared it. Roll on summer I say, although I do like the feathery patterns.

I had one of my photo’s published in a magazine! That’s very exciting for me, it was for a magazine in Taiwan. They asked my permission to use a photo I took of Lissadell House and then sent me a copy of the magazine. I can’t read it, but it’s great to have!

It’s been fun and games here over the last couple of days. Christine, Andy’s car, was sold on Sunday. We were just going to have the one car. Then Andy started looking on the internet and saw an Opel Corsa for sale. So off we went yesterday to have a look.

We turned up and saw the car. We were having a good old look around it and inside it through the windows. Then I said to Andy I thought it had a different number plate. You’ll never guess we were looking at the wrong bloody car!! The one for sale was around the corner, same colour, year, make everything! I’m just glad we didn’t get arrested.

We then went to look at the ‘real’ car. Andy took it for a test drive and thought it was grand for its age but wasn’t too bothered. Then the guy (he was like an Indian Del Boy) knocked 200 quid off the price so Andy bought it. The car smells of a curry house so has now been christened Javinda!

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