The animals bite back

It’s been a bit of a week with animals this week. First of all the dog decided to take himself for a walk. The first thing I knew about it was when the black stray cat that hangs around came into the house in a lassie style mode and started biting me leg and trying to drag me outside (he usually bites me but never drags me anywhere). Anyway he was very agitated so I followed him outside and found the dog half way up the lane! The cat bit him to tell him off!

Then yesterday our white cat (who is the only one that is actually ours) came in and wee’d right in the dog’s bed! I’m not sure if she’s incontinent (can you get Tena Lady for cats?) or if she’s just getting her own back because every time the dog goes outside he wee’s on her!

So I got the bed washed and sorted out and was getting ready to go to bed myself last night. I let the dog out in the garden for his bedtime wee (sorry this blog is all about wee!!) and he only went and rolled in some kind of sh***!! So there I was at almost 11pm bathing the dog! I’ve no idea what kind of animal the muck came from but it really made me feel sick.

Look what the cat dragged himself in. This is Ringo our newest stray. This was him a couple of weeks ago. I’ve no idea what happened to him!

Now I’m sitting here watching Dr. Doolittle and thinking wouldn’t it be great if animals could talk, but after the week I’ve had I think it’s a good job that they can’t 😉

4 thoughts on “The animals bite back

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  1. Our cat Sam used to pee in Troy’s bed – we used to say he was getting his own back coz Troy used to chase him 🙂 Are you keeping Ringo? He looks like he could be a handsome boy – cleaned up!!

    1. Well Ringo looks like he’s staying. Plus Rocket fancies him! So we probably have the only gay dog in the village…..or the only dog that fancies cats!

  2. saw your blog info on facebook and couldn’t have the pic out, looked like 2 headless smurfs.

    having a good old coughy wheezy sneezy chuckle here Val, thanks so much chick! After the tsunami catastrophe and the constant news backing up and causing a massive blue cloud, your four legged houseguests have brought the sun out! Though I somehow don’t suppose you’re finding it quite so hilarious. ;D

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