Appointments and auctions

I took this photo this morning from where I parked up near the hospital. The mountain is Knocknarea where Queen Maeve is said to be buried, Jono and I have walked up it a couple of times.

It’s been a busy couple of days. Yesterday I went to visit the mobile library in the village. It’s a good idea although it’s packed if there are more than four people in it….and it wobbles so I felt slightly sea sick 😉 It only comes to the village once every three weeks though but at least you can get up to ten books at a time.

Last night was the Photo auction at the Sligo IT in aid of Special Olympics. I donated my sheep photo. I was delighted that it was sold for 10 euro. I wasn’t sure anyone would bid on it at all. There were about 25 photo’s in total. There were a few I really liked but they all went up too much in price for me to bid. I had the kids with me so I didn’t feel like ‘socially awkward penguin’ again. We won a prize in the raffle: a t-shirt and a voucher for a piercing. Lucy is now thinking of all the things she could have pierced. I’m very glad we didn’t win the tattoo voucher!

Today I had my brain scan (take two) this time the machine was working. It’s a really cool machine, like a giant hula hoop. I had to lie on a bed with foam on either side of my head and Velcro holding my head still. The bed went into the machine and there were little chugging movements. My head felt quite hot, not sure if that was in my mind though! I had to keep still and after about ten minutes it was all over.  I should get the results in a week or so.

As I was at the hospital Jono went to Gamestop where they had a preview of the Nintendo 3DS which is the new console due out later this month. He thinks it’s great and he took a short bit of video of it.

A bit of exciting news now. Dean Friedman is now following me on twitter. You might remember this song:

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  1. I think mobile libraries may be the future – it will make them be more discriminating and up to date with their selections and perhaps have a theme month. Great pics from where you live.

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