Happy Monday

Well it’s been a really good day today. As you know the course that Jono was hoping to start soon has been finished due to cut backs. So today we had a meeting to see what there was in the way of courses.

We talked about what Jono would like. Mainly to socialise with people of his own age and hopefully get some confidence. We went over to the National Learning Network which we had been to before but as Jono was only 16 he was too young to be accepted onto any of the HSE courses and he couldn’t do the FAS one as it was full-time.

The HSE courses seem to be a lot more flexible so it’s really looking positive. We got to have a look around the building, the other people seem very friendly. Jono was delighted to see a couple of his friends there that he had met from the summer computer classes he went on.

We have another meeting next month and we’ll take it from there but things are looking up 🙂

In other news I won a competition on Culch.ie It was in a Gnomeo and Juliet competition and it’s a gnome that I can paint. Isn’t it cute?

6 thoughts on “Happy Monday

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  1. Oh Val, it’s about time you got a positive vibe from all of this, i’m so relieved for you all! xxx

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something will come of this and Jono will find a suitable course. It would be great for him to go somewhere where he already knows some people.
    x x

  3. Great to hear! From now you have to be a nagging mum that won’t take no for an answer! Did NLN offer Jono a taster? They do this to let people sample the courses offered. Did you meet with Sean Darcy?

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