Sunshine and haircuts

Today was a beautiful Spring day. I had to take Jono into town for his appointment with the occupational therapist. It was so warm and sunny that before his appointment we decided to have lunch outside. So we got a pizza from Domino’s and sat in the sunshine. The only trouble is we sat near the famine statue and it put me off my lunch! I ended up giving half my pizza to the swans.

After Jono’s appointment I took him to get his hair cut. Can anyone tell me why bald men go for haircuts? No offence to bald men out there. This one man who came in though really had no hair at all. He sat down and asked for a ‘number 2’. The hairdresser spent about 2 seconds running a razor over his head and off he went! He paid a tenner for nothing 😉

I have to share this video with you. As you might know we had a general election last week. This new TD turned up for work yesterday and look what she did:

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  1. Well, I still have a haircut even though I’m bald (on the top anyway) but my wife zips over the bonce with a number 2 (3mm) attachment in about four minutes flat – cost? Nothing.
    Trouble is if I don’t get it cut it gets thick and curly at the sides and there are loads of whispy bits on my neck and it doesn’t suit me at all. I’d love a pony tail, but I don’t think that a) my job would like it and b) I’m not sure grey hair looks good in a pony tail.
    Glad you enjoyed most of your lunch!

  2. Ooooooh Rarelesserspotted…. grow that ponytail!!!!

    Unfortunately dear ol’ Furface here looks like a lopsided triangle if i don’t attack him with the clippers, it grows out sideways across the top of his ears and the top of what is left to the left and right side of the polished bonce stand upright, resembling the hair of the manager in the Dilbert cartoons. bless him.
    So he grows his beard instead. he cut it short this last time, as he had to look tidy for a big corporate event (boo hiss) but previous to that he was trying to grown it long enough to plait into two pig tails like the chap from Nightwish.
    isn’t that cute?


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