Thank goodness it’s Friday!

We had some lovely sunny days recently, sadly today wasn’t one of them…….it was lashing rain and really miserable. This photo was taken a few days ago.

I’m delighted it’s Friday, it’s been a busy week. I will do a proper blog about it over the weekend. Lucy has had mock Junior cert. exams over the last week as well, so she’s very pleased she’s finished today and next week if mid-term break 😀

I took the kids into town this afternoon. Jono went to The Crib (which is a drop in centre for teenagers). Lucy and I went for a coffee. There is a cafe in town doing coffee and a scone for 3 euro, which is great considering most places in Sligo charge between 2-3 euro for a coffee on its own. It’s called Grappa so if you are looking for a good deal go in there 😉

Last week I won a large pizza from Sligo Dominos which I got today. It was lovely. The photo above is of half the pizza. I was meant to take a photo of the full one but we ate it too quickly! They are doing some great deals at the moment and I think it’s the nicest pizza in Sligo.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday, there is plenty of cake left so do drop in and say hi 😉

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  1. Best of luck to Lucy with the mocks, Val, and I hope you’d a great birthday. (I didn’t scroll down to your previous blog post before I posted this one). My bad….

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