Another year older (not wiser)


Another year older (not wiser), originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well today is my birthday. I’m a big 43 today! I had a lovely day. Poor Lucy had school so when she finished we picked her up and all went into town. I look really dozy in the photo by the way!

We had a lovely meal out in Yeats Tavern, Drumcliff it was great apart from them playing Michael Buble, who I really can’t stand. ย We were going to eat in Sligo town but one place wanted 50 euro for a meal for two! Recession how are you! So we went to Yeats which is our favourite place and got meals and drinks for the four of us for 60 euro which wasn’t too bad.

I got some lovely pressies, ย the kids got me chocolates and perfume. Andy got me a spa treatment and chocolates and my mum gave me money, flowers, sweets and a cake.

I feel very spoilt…….and full up!

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  1. Happy Birthday for – sorry I missed sending you wishes yesterday. Sounds like you had a lovely day – and quite right too.

  2. Could I ask a question? What type of camera do you have – you take the most fantastic pictures with it? they are truly amazing – the details are just so perfect.

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday to yoooou!
    Happy (belated) Birthday to yoooou!
    Happy (belated) Birthday dear Vaaaallll….
    Happy (belated) Birthday to yoooou!

    Glad the meal was yummy – many happy returns ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Many happy returns Val. Lovely photographs of you all. Glad you had a nice day.
    My late mother had the same birthday – she would have been 87. I know two other people with the same birthday date. Isn’t it funny how many people you know who share the same birthday, and then there are so many days in the year when you know of no-one with a birthday? I have several “multi-birthday dates” I know of.

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