The Thaw

Finally the snow seems to be going. At long last, we now have ice and the lane is still slippy especially as we’ve had rain on top of the ice and snow.

I managed to get out today and took mum to the local supermarket to get a bit of shopping. It’s over ten days since I’ve been to a supermarket. In a sad way it’s nice to get back to normal.

When I got home I took to my position on the couch to watch the tv and eat chocolate. I think I’m turning into Jim Royle from the Royle family (Christmas my arse!)

The kids filled my Christmas stocking with my favourite chocolates Lindor. They are bells and balls. I managed to fit a whole ball in my mouth (ooer). I always knew I had a big gob 😉

I hope you are all thawing out where ever you are.

Here is a video for you:

Talking of video’s. I’ve been making slideshows with some of my photo’s. Here’s a Christmas one:

Here’s one from the War of the Worlds using the photo’s I took:

3 thoughts on “The Thaw

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  1. Well we never really had proper snow but there’s a deluge of rain all day and still no water in the taps! No slush at all down south, thaw dissolved whatever ice was there and now nothing. Amazing what you got in the west. I love Lindor – a patient gives me a box every few weeks no matter what I say not to he just does, what to do! Say thanks and enjoy ’em, he’s an ol’ dote anyway! But that’s the upside of work like mine – nice people being kind!
    All the best, Catherine (did you get the Dec. BBC book? I didn’t. oh dear, guilty.)

  2. Ooooh they’re my absolute favourites too Val – and it has to be the shaped chocolate, it doesn’t taste the same in bar form! 😀 I bought a box of 4 boxes this year to give out as gifts, but I’m ashamed to say i then went out and bought some Quality Street boxes a couple of days later (bigger they were too!) and gave those out first in the hope that there might be a sneaky box of Lindors left! (and guess what…. but thats our secret, OK? LOL)

    i can see our drive today and its such a wonderful sight, the grass peeping through on the back garden, cant’ tell you how fabulous it is to see green again!!

  3. Thawing here on the east coast, just a few thick lumps of stubborn ice remains on some of the footpaths making it treacherous still for pedestrians. Love the snow slideshow and the simplest is one of the best – pegs on the line – brill.

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