Happy Thanksgiving


This photo was taken on Tuesday evening. I was walking the dog and couldn’t get over all the different colours in the sky. There are some more photo’s on my flickr page.

Tuesday wasn’t a great day. Bertie (the car) wouldn’t start 😦 Luckily Andy went out and with the help of a can of WD40 Bertie started.

Today I took my mum and Jono to Enniskillen. We haven’t been for ages and thought it might not be too busy yet as people might go nearer to Christmas. Asda was fairly busy but we’ve seen it much worse.

The cafe in Asda is great. We had Christmas dinner (only a month early 😉 ) it was lovely: turkey, stuffing, parsnips, carrots, peas, roast and mashed potato and pigs in blankets all for only £4!

We got loads of bargains. Jono did some Christmas shopping and got to one of his favourite shops The Modellers Corner. It was lovely to look around M&S too (I wish we had one of those in Sligo). The Erneside shopping centre is all ready for Santa. Just as well he wasn’t there as I reckon my mum would have been in on his lap 😉

We also went to Iceland (the store not the country). They have such good value, but as I only have a smallish freezer I couldn’t get much.

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