Day trip to Longford

I heard an advert for Iceland in Longford on iRadio a couple of weeks ago. How did I never hear there was an Iceland in Longford?? It's about an hours drive from here so Lucy and I headed over there today.  Iceland, for those who don't know, is a freezer food shop. Lucy was looking... Continue Reading →

All white

  All white, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Yesterday I took my mum and Jono to Enniskillen. We haven't been there since November. It's a nice day out although I hate the driving. It's an hour and half journey each way along some of the worst bends in the country. I wish they'd make the road... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

  This photo was taken on Tuesday evening. I was walking the dog and couldn't get over all the different colours in the sky. There are some more photo's on my flickr page. Tuesday wasn't a great day. Bertie (the car) wouldn't start 😦 Luckily Andy went out and with the help of a can... Continue Reading →


The final straw?, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Todays photo is drinking straws. I love the colours, not too impressed with the shadow to the right of the photo though. I took my mum to Enniskillen yesterday. We had a lovely day, although we were shattered when we got home. I love the B&M shop, which... Continue Reading →

Erneside Shopping Centre

New entrance to the Erneside Shopping Centre, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Yesterday I took my mum up to Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. I was looking for pyjama's for Jono for hospital. He needs the ones with the buttoned up top, but they don't sell them down here for boys. We didn't have much luck there... Continue Reading →

Up the lane

Up the lane, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online :). Firstly this photo is of our new lane. I went out for a walk with Jono during the's quite a long lane! So what do I have to tell you? Thankfully the weather finally improved and we've had some lovely sunny days. I took... Continue Reading →

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