School’s out for Summer……

It was Lucys last day at school today until September, it’s a mad long time to be off, but she’s delighted. I just hope that the weather improves.

I went into Tesco this morning, just to have a look. They made a huge song and dance about cutting prices to the same as Northern Ireland…and for a week or so there were some bargains to be had. Now it seems to be back to normal, although I’m pleased that they have finally started stocking more items like Twiglets and Pepperami (all healthy stuff!) On the way back to the car I managed to get the trolley wheels stuck in a drain and almost went flying over the top of the trolley…..that would have been fun.

A bit of a rant now. I’m fed up of all the election leaflets we are getting through the post. They post them to each person eligible to vote, what a waste of money. I which they’d give me the choice I rather have the money!

I bought a cd today. Xtravision were having a sale so I bought a Def Leppard album called Yeah, it’s cover versions and really good. I especially like their version of Hanging on the telephone. They are doing a concert in June with Journey and Whitesnake in Dublin, Jono and I would love to go but it’s too near The War of the Worlds and I’m broke…..poor old me.

3 thoughts on “School’s out for Summer……

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  1. Hi Val
    I really like these close up pics you’ve done. I think you saw my two pics on a blog you commented on and they aren’t a patch on yours . What is the secret? I get close of course with a 18 – 55mm lens and put the camera on automatic close up, but the f stop gets shut right down and focusing becomes an issue. I love the way you’ve captured the water droplets too, large and nicely focussed.

    Just shows, you can take interesting and good quality pics of any subject under the sun. Keep it up!


  2. how did jono go in his exams?? the year seems to have raced by again!!
    i love these last couple of flower shots- the rain only enhances your shots πŸ™‚

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