Up the lane

Up the lane, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online 🙂.

Firstly this photo is of our new lane. I went out for a walk with Jono during the week….it’s quite a long lane!

So what do I have to tell you? Thankfully the weather finally improved and we’ve had some lovely sunny days.

I took my mum to Enniskillen on Thursday. It’s great to get a ‘fix’ of UK shops. Asda and Iceland have some great bargains. I was put off going into Iceland for quite a while just incase I happened to turn into Kerry Katona….luckily it hasn’t happened yet! I also got a pair of jeans in Marks and Spencer which I’m pleased about because their jeans actually fit my waist and not half way down my backside….like most of the jeans these days (oh I sound like me mother). Anyway we bought loads and had a great day.

Friday I spent most of the day cutting the grass and there is a hell of a lot of grass to cut at this house but sadly I quite enjoy it….I have my mp3 player loud and sing along…..hopefully no one will ever hear me. Anyway I was listening to Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds because I’m going to see it in a week….and thought I’d better practise incase I happen to be needed on stage 😉

Today we went to Carrick on Shannon to a couple of car boot sales. They aren’t a patch on the UK ones and so many things are very over priced, but I got a few books.
There was a really cute puppy for sale, poor thing was in a box though with no water and it was such a hot day.
Lucy fainted twice at the sale. The people there were so kind, one stallholder gave her a bottle of 7up and another lady was checking she was OK. It’s not the first time she’s done this, so although part of me thinks it might have been the heat, when she went like this before it was Winter. So it’s just as well she’s due a blood test in Dublin in a couple of weeks (the kids and I have a bleeding disorder…so we have to have regular check ups).

Anyway talking of people looking for loads of money for things. While I was waiting for Bertie to have his tyres fitted I was reading a copy of The Dealer, which is a free ads paper and I had to laugh. Someone wanted 250 euro for a windows 98 pc, another 50 euro for a bubble jet printer and you could even buy a playstation one with no controllers for the bargain price of 50 euro….who are they trying to fool.

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  1. Hi, lovely to hear from you (on my blog) your lane is just like ours! I so love walking the dogs up the lane and somehow we never walk them down the lane. Probably because it is so steep that turning back would be harder than setting out. Oh well. Talk to you soon. Best wishes…Pam

  2. Beautiful photo as usual…glad you’re enjoying your new house – it must be especially beautiful now the sun has come out. Sorry about Lucy’s fainting – I used to do that a few times when I was younger – and always when it was hot! xxx

  3. no camera club?? i missed it too… so busy doing important stuff like building sand castles lol!!
    hope lucy is ok, fainting is horrible- glad everyone was kind to her 🙂

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