Dublin, Hospitals and Guinness

250 of Guinness, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Yesterday morning we were up at 5am to get the 6am train to Dublin. It was really foggy and icy so took almost double the time to drive to Ballymote railway station as visibilty was so bad. I had to stop Bertie on the way as he kept icing up, poor car isn’t used to that time in the morning.

Anyway we got on the train, it was fairly quiet until we got to Mullingar and then we had someone sitting opposite us…..well this man must have had some kind of sinus problem, he was what I would call a ‘snot-gobbler’ he was snorting and making all kinds of odd noises….and he was vibrating (jiggling up and down like a bugger)!!…Not sure what all that was about!

We had to go to Our Ladys hospital in Crumlin for Jono to see the Spinal consultant. After a lot of tests, talking and a couple of xrays we got to see the main man. He was very kind and told us that Jono’s kyphosis has progressed to 90 degrees (it was 78 degrees in September). So he has recommended a Spinal Fusion…if anyone has any experience of this please let me know.  Jono was OK about it until we got home and then it kind of hit him and naturally he’s worried.

To take his mind off the hospital I took him to the Guinness Storehouse. He has wanted to go there for a while…it is seven floors high and has a great view over Dublin.  It was quite expensive to get into but it is really well done and you get a pint of Guinness at the end of the tour…except we had 7up instead.

Guinness Storehouse

When we came out of the storehouse we met a leprechaun!….and it wasn’t just us seeing things after the 7up or Guinness fumes.

Jono and the leprechaun

I went to mum and dad’s this morning. Dad’s breathing was really bad, sort of rattling. Mum was waiting for the doctor to arrive and when she did she phone an ambulance and they took dad into hospital. He has had a ecg and is on oxygen, they are taking him for dialysis today to see if they can help his breathing…it’s caused by fluid on his lungs so I really don’t think they can do anything, he is too weak to have the fluid drained…..we’ll have to see what happens.

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  1. the photos are fabulous- although your news is worrying… i hope your dad is keeping comfortable, this must be such a difficult time for you xx

  2. Oh Val, I’m so sorry to hear about both Jono and your dad. And, you, poor dear. I know it’s hard. Big hugs from me to all of you.

  3. HI, I have been thinking of you and your dad. As you describe it it is so similar to what happened to my dad before Christmas. I am sending you a big hug, I know how awful it is for you and your mam at this time. If you need a cybersis to debrief to I am here for you.
    As for JOn’s operation…my sister’s son is having that done next week. He is only 23.She is to be found on my sidebar of my blog. She is The Old Schoolhouse. So not only has she been through it with her dad but is now going through it with her son too.
    Remember, you are never alone when you have blogfriends to share your troubles with. Love to you all…Pam

  4. well hello there if i didnt know better i would have thought this was my blog so many things that i am either dealing with or have done a little while ago my son went into hospital today and will have op on mon please god .hope all is well with you and yours Angie .

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