What happened to Spring?

  Icy windscreen, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. This was my car windscreen this morning. After I did my Jedward (ice, ice baby)¬†impression I got to work with the can of de-icer and cleared it. Roll on summer I say, although I do like the feathery patterns. I had one of my photo's published in a... Continue Reading →

Thank goodness for Tesco!

Thank goodness for Tesco!, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well we still have snow and ice. I was getting fairly sick of traipsing down to the local shop and trying to carry the shopping back home again. Enough people drove passed me but not one person stopped to offer me a lift.....community spirit my arse. Anyway... Continue Reading →

Cold heart

Two hearts, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Yes we are still snowed in. It doesn't look too bad from this photo but under the snow is ice and it's very slippy. Lucy's school was shut again today, just as well because I wouldn't have been happy letting her go. Even in Sligo town it seems to... Continue Reading →


Snovember, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well as you can see we have snow in Sligo. I'm not a big fan of the snow. It's lovely to look at but no fun when you have to drive in it and gritters appear to be a rare occurance in our neck of the woods. Still it does... Continue Reading →

Needles and pins

Needles and pins, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I don't know about needles and pins, it should be potholes and craters, the roads are getting worse despite the loose stones the council put in the holes. In one place part of the road was sticking up, I'm worried about poor old Bertie getting a puncture. Anyway... Continue Reading →

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