Cracks in my foundation

I'm beginning to feel like a Jenga tower on the verve of toppling over. Stress on top of stress. The old butterfly in the chest feeling is back and along with it there's nausea - that's a new thing for me. I know the lack of sleep isn't helping. I fall asleep quickly but around... Continue Reading →

Moving on and moving out

It feels much later in the week than Thursday - to me anyway. Just a few things to tell you. Sligo Hub is going really well so if you happen to land on this site looking for things to do in Sligo head over to the hub for the most up to date information. You... Continue Reading →

Anger is an energy

I have a million other things I should be writing about but it's been one of those days, in fact one of those weeks. You know where you are trying to sort things out and the universe isn't playing ball? Someone decides to put a spanner in the works or you just seem to be... Continue Reading →

Marvellous May

A bit of a personal update as it's been quite a while since I've done one. I finished counselling last week. It was my decision, I just felt like I had nothing else to say. I don't feel like dredging the past up anymore and I'm finding ways to cope with the present. The future... Continue Reading →

Tribes and Tribulations

I'm off on a bit of a rant (well a sort of rant) so forgive me. I've noticed a new buzz word recently - tribe. Each to their own and all that but from me it's a no. I don't have a tribe and I don't want a tribe if I'm totally honest. Most of... Continue Reading →

Frantic Friday

Yes I'm awake at a daft time again. This time I'm too 'wired' to sleep, it was a strange mix of a day; a radio interview in the morning, knocking a toothbrush into the toilet at lunchtime (yes really) and being seconds away from a road traffic accident this afternoon. We were on our way... Continue Reading →

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