Cracks in my foundation

I’m beginning to feel like a Jenga tower on the verve of toppling over. Stress on top of stress. The old butterfly in the chest feeling is back and along with it there’s nausea – that’s a new thing for me.

I know the lack of sleep isn’t helping. I fall asleep quickly but around 45 minutes later I’m awake again and wide awake. I’ve been having such vivid dreams, the latest one was a giant wasp caught in a spider web…the web was almost caught in my hair and I woke up scared.

I’m worried about lots of things which doesn’t help. Lucy’s situation is one of them, if anyone hears of a job in Frenchpark please let me know. Jono pulled his fingernail out and his finger is now infected, well it was infected before he pulled the nail out so that’s another thing. We are still waiting for him to have pain management injections for his back, he hasn’t been seen since January, and we are waiting for the Occupational Therapist to come around. On top of that my car is still limping along. I’m still waiting for that miracle to happen….maybe one day.

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