Let it be

I was at the Bootleg Beatles last night with Jono, they played Sligo Live and we really enjoyed it. It’s the first concert Jono has been to in a wheelchair and it made the night so much easier for him.

The concert was over 2 and a half hours long and was a really great event. I didn’t dance mainly because I was with Jono and also because I’m still full of cold but it was lovely people watching.

One man was on his feet from the very first song and never sat down during the whole set. Another lady was blowing kisses to the band, I did wonder if she might have thought they were the original Beatles. The stand-out moment was a little girl, I’d say she was only around 7 or 8, she knew the words of every song and sang and danced throughout the concert. I would have loved to see her join the band on stage because she was absolutely brilliant and the people at the back wouldn’t have seen her.

One of the last songs was Let It Be and I found myself really listening to the lyrics and it got me thinking. There is always an answer, even if at the time you don’t think there is.

“And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, let it be”

If you read the blog you’ll know I’ve had moments of panic, moments of pushing so hard for things that I’ve pushed them away. Now is the time to sit back and just let it be. For me life has a way of working things out and usually, mostly, for the best even if at the time it doesn’t feel that way. So for now I’ll just let it be.


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  1. Good you both enjoyed. This is the first year in several that we’ve missed Sligo Live. Always a great line-up altho I’m not sure about The Rats. Did you hear how they went?

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