The Hungry Rock and The Hawk’s Rock

I’ve often seen photos on Social Media naming The Hawk’s Rock as The Hungry Rock, so hopefully this post might clear things up. They are both located near the Glen Wood and the village that I’ve written about here. The road is very narrow and steep, and has a number of bends, so when you are walking to The Hungry Rock where a high – vis vest and be prepared to clamber up on the verge.

Coming from Coolaney you will see a large rock formation at the roadside on your right (pictured above). The Hungry Rock is directly across from there, it’s said to have been named because many people died from the famine on that road. Legend has it that if you throw a stone at the rock you will never go hungry, there were several stones at the rock today and also some coins and trinkets. Sandy tells me that there used to be a rock in the middle of the road with horseshoe print in it, sadly this has been covered with tar, so it’s no longer visible.

The Hungry Rock (above) is a flat stone and there is no marking for it (although I think there should be), you’d miss it if you weren’t looking out for it. This summer it’s had a host of wild orchids at the roadside in front of it, so it’s been quite easy to find.

The Hawk’s Rock is one that you can’t miss, it’s on the same road and you will clearly see this imposing feature as you drive from Coolaney to the N59 (Ballisodare to Ballina) Road, it’ll be on your right. Just after the rock you will see a gate. If you walk down there, you can walk up to the top of the rock. Just follow the trail until you get to the final clearing, you’ll see a walkway on your right through the forest.

The walk is short but quite steep and uneven, but the views are stunning, and it’s well worth doing.

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