Sunday Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sunday Thoughts post, or a personal post. I decided there was enough misery going on without me adding to it. It’s really hard to comprehend what is happening, and I know it can be hard to deal with things at times, it’s a real mix of emotions. Anyway I’m going to keep the post upbeat.

This week has had some lovely moments. Lucy came to visit and she took me for lunch in Tempo, Ballisodare, it was fabulous! I’d highly recommend it.

I was thrilled to be asked back onto The Sligo Show. I was on it before being interviewed by Brendan Tierney, who hosts the show, he’s such a natural interviewer and great on TV. This time it was to talk about the local papers and some local events. I absolutely loved it! Although watching it back I really do have a face for radio! You can watch it back here:

I’d love to do more like this, I like talking and it’s even better when I have someone to talk to, rather than just me ramble on and going off on a tangent, which I used to do on BCRFM. A few people suggested I do a podcast, but again I don’t just want it to be me talking, and to be perfectly honest there are a million podcasts out there already. I’d quite like to talk to people on one though, but I haven’t the first clue of where to start. What I like about The Sligo Show, is that the team are so professional, I just rock up, talk, and go home. No editing, no uploading, it’s just so easy. I’d love to see them get a sponsor though, they really deserve to be paid for their hard work.

Last week was Social Prescribing week, and it just so happens to be the topic of one of my work projects. We’ve just published ‘The Health Literacy Empowerment Guide‘ over on the Activate website. There’s an Irish version and also one for Northern Ireland and the UK. It’s free to download and it will tell you more about Social Prescribing and where you can go for help. It’ll also tell you some of the fantastic examples of social prescribing out there. I wrote this for the guide:

“The most powerful thing I realised when I was going through mental health issues was that I wasn’t alone. I connected with a mental health charity which led me to a group of people who understood exactly what I was going through. I also enrolled in social prescribing and this was an amazing help as it gave me something positive to focus on. I’m a firm believer in social prescribing and this guide will help you on your way to mental health recovery.”

I’ll love you and leave you for this post. I just want to say I know life can be tough, emotions are like waves; some you can paddle in, and some feel like they are going to drown you. You can’t change the majority of things that are happening at the moment, but you can manage how you deal with it. One breath, one step, one moment at a time. Hang on in there.

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