Something Inside So Strong

Do you ever feel like you have two sides to your personality? Or is that just me? I have a socially introvert side, quiet, shy and retiring, and I have this eejit of a person - outgoing, loud and pure daft. The quiet side was shopping in Lidl this morning, nothing wild or exciting, but... Continue Reading →

Pressing the Pause Button

I've usually been lucky with social media, most of my followers are really lovely people, but recently the Blog Facebook has taken a nasty turn, with some horrible comments and messages. I've had a think about it and decided to step away from the Facebook page for the time being. I've had people tell me... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

It's been a while since I've done a Sunday Thoughts post, or a personal post. I decided there was enough misery going on without me adding to it. It's really hard to comprehend what is happening, and I know it can be hard to deal with things at times, it's a real mix of emotions.... Continue Reading →

A Turning Point Memory

Three years ago today was the first coffee morning that I ever held. For those of you who might be new to the blog you might not know that I suffered badly with depression and anxiety. During that time I lost friends, I missed meeting people for coffee, I missed being me. Through the blog... Continue Reading →

Christmas thoughts

I'm sitting mulling over Christmas. There's no escaping it. No matter what radio station or TV channel you put on it's full of jingling bells, bright colours and general hilarity. It's a lot to live up to. Some people put themselves under enormous pressure to have the perfect day but life really doesn't turn out... Continue Reading →

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