Sligo Folk Park Revisited

It’s a year since I’ve written about Sligo Folk Park. It’s been a strange year for everyone due to Covid, you don’t need me to tell you that, but the crew at Sligo Folk Park have been making the most of the months that they have been closed and they have transformed the place. I was already impressed last year by the way the folk park was looking but it’s above and beyond my expectations this time around. You can read my post from last year here.

As soon as I arrived I noticed the changes, there is a tarmacked car park now and the entrance to the centre has completely changed and is now bright, airy and informative. You can see a timeline of the history of Riverstown as you walk down the corridor to the reception area.

There is also now a fantastic audio tour, you are given a map and each stop is numbered, you press the corresponding number and are given the history and other interesting facts of the display you are looking at. It really brings the park to life and although I’ve been many times I found out more today than I ever knew.

For example, I found out the Bellew Brothers Shop sign is the original sign that was above the shop when it was in Grattan Street, Sligo! I’m not going to tell you what else is on the audio tour because you need to check it out for yourself.

There are new exhibitions, including The Hands Exhibition, this tells the story of crafts and skills from bygone days – and some that are still used today. You can learn about butter making, spinning, and so much more. The audiovisual displays show videos from the Hands TV show by the Shaw-Smiths. This exhibition also includes artefacts from the McGee collection, and they are all housed in the McGee building – which connects to The Village, so no worries about the weather.

You can also explore the school, Millview House, Mrs. Buckley’s traditional cottage, the dairy, the forge, and so much more. For the younger folk there’s a gorgeous fairy garden and there are some outdoor games for them to play, there are also two friendly chickens.

Be sure to check out The Millstone Cafe, the cakes are amazing! There are also lovely pods outside so you can eat undercover but still be outdoors.

If you haven’t been to Sligo Folk Park for a while you will be really impressed by your visit. I became a friend of Sligo Folk Park so my card entitles me to visit for a year: you can also pay as you go if you’d prefer that.

A huge well done to all the staff on an amazing job, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a brilliant transformation of a place. Find out more about the park here, and plan your visit:

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  1. I remember the video “A day in the bog, in New York ” The folk park was greatly involved in that. I highly recommend it if you can find a copy.

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