Sligo Folk Park

I’ve been to Sligo Folk Park several times over the years. The park is in the beautiful village of Riverstown – which is a lovely place to visit in itself. The folk park has had a fantastic makeover recently and it was an absolute pleasure to go back and see the place looking so well. […]

Vintage Festival, Sligo Folk Park, Riverstown

This is a photo I took, but one of my flickr friends made a much better job of it, making it sepia and looking like it was from the olden times, so I have uploaded Paul’s version. Anyway yesterday myself and Jono went to the Vintage Day in Sligo Folk Park, Riverstown. We have been […]

Mrs. Buckleys Cottage

Mrs. Buckleys Cottage, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I took Jono to Riverstown today, there was a multicultural day on at the Sligo Folk Park. It was nice to get out in the fresh air and luckily it stayed dry. There wasn’t as many animals as last year which was a shame. There were some angry […]