Friday the 13th

It’s an uncertain time. Ireland is in lock down with the schools and colleges closed. This morning it was announced that local mass is also cancelled – and the bingo. We’ve been busy on Sligo Hub making a list of cancellations and people willing to help, it’s at times like this that the kindness of people show through.

There has also been panic buying with people getting worried and anxious and it’s completely understandable. People are scared, they don’t know how this is going to pan out. They are looking at Italy and the situation they are in now.

As for me, I did have a wobble during the week but only a minor one. I’m going to stay home and I’m lucky to be able to work from home. I’m going to paint and draw, read books, go for walks. I’ve even cleaned the kitchen – which is a rare enough thing.

One thing I noticed yesterday was that while it was chaotic in the major supermarkets the local shops were calm and well stocked. We need to support our local businesses as they are the ones who support us when we are looking for sponsorship for events etc.

We also have our charity book open call if you feel like putting pen to paper and if you want to send in a video or voice message we have a volunteer to transcribe it. More details here:

I wish you all well.

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