St.Patrick’s Day 2020

Well this was a day with a difference and something I wouldn’t have thought would ever happen. The St. Patrick’s Day Parades all over Ireland got cancelled due to the corona virus, so instead of having a day going to parades and taking photos I had a day at home.

So many things are closed now in Ireland; the schools, the pubs, most restaurants and cafes and some of the shops, hotels in Sligo are now also closing. It’s sad seeing people losing their jobs, albeit temporarily. It’s sad to see places having to close, I feel so sorry for all who are affected and I hope they don’t lose their livelihoods.

Today could have been a very gloomy day but thanks to the wonderful Sligo musicians it turned out to be great. The musicians did a live Facebook concert which went on for over 6 hours, it was all to raise funds for COVID Solidarity Response.

I also enjoyed the virtual parades and the sense of community that was online. Sometimes Social Media can be great and today was one of those times. It was a wonderful break from this surreal world that is fast becoming the norm and I didn’t hear any virus updates all day.

If you want an hour of lighthearted chat and some Irish tunes you can listen to my latest radio show for BCRFM. This was recorded at the beginning of the month before all the madness started. The show is here:

I hope you are all doing OK and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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