A celebration of women

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and it’s been a week of mixing with various ladies so I thought I’d write something.

In the last couple of years lots of women have come into my life and the majority have been wonderful. It’s a shame it’s only the celebrities who get the recognition because I’ve met so many strong, inspirational ladies who have taught me so much, probably without them even knowing it.

Some are fantastic at business and can cope with numerous balls in the air, all at one time, without so much as breaking into a sweat. They are also hugely encouraging to people they meet along the way.

Some have had to deal with illness for either themselves or family members and do this stoically. Some women have so much to deal with that I don’t even know how they cope.

This week I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with women who have made me laugh, or have made me feel at ease. We’ve had chats, we’ve put the world to rights and it’s been fantastic.

There is also my own special lady in my life: My daughter Lucy, she’s so clever and beautiful and I’m immensely proud of her. She’s everything I would wish for in a daughter and so much more. I may not have had the mother/daughter relationship I wanted with my own mother but I’m blessed with Lucy.

So this blog is dedicated to all those women out there, the unsung heroes, the ones who make the world a better place just by being in it. You all rock.


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