Little boxes

There’s an advert on TV at the moment with the song Little Boxes on it. It’s an old song but I like it. It’s also a technique that really helps me.

I’d forgotten about it for a while and you might think I’m barking but here we go. I used to imagine I had compartments in my head – one for work, one for home, one for worries, one for whatever I happened to be doing at the time etc. I would just deal with one box at a time, for example when I was at home the other boxes would be closed.

For a while I forgot about my little boxes and my head ended up one big jumble of things I needed to do with no clear thinking. It all got quite messy and I got quite overwhelmed. Recently I started my box method again. Today could have been an overwhelming day, there were so many things happening but I left everything in its compartment until I needed to deal with it and it worked! I got through the day and all the challenges that came with it and it ended up being quite an easy day.

I like little boxes 🙂

*The image is from an exhibition by Cherry Dowling and Claire Davenport

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  1. My Dad was singing that song in the car “….. ticky tacky little boxes…” and I was thinking that he made that song up himself until he told me to look it up on Youtube. He told me that it’s in an Ad on the tv and he also likes it!

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