New year, new me….again

Ah January, a month of dark days, long nights and general misery. I have decided to add to that misery by doing Dry January. This means no alcohol for the month, I don’t drink much – or I didn’t used to but I am quite partial to vodka so it’s going for the month and possibly beyond.

I’m also doing the #100daysofwalking this one is fine too, I walk every day with the dogs but probably not as much as I should. You can find out more about this challenge here:

I also need to start eating better. I was doing so well with my mental health that I started rewarding myself, mainly with cake and all that sugar isn’t good. I’m not going to start cutting everything out but I do want to eat more fruit and veg. I also miss my waistline and my weight is creeping up way too fast for my liking.

So anyway that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. No different to the rest of us all struggling to keep the weight down . Likewise mental health issues are escalating rapidly in Ireland .. I cannot understand what the cause s are it now is an epidemic crossing all ages and classes..

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