After a long time of feeling like I’m winning I feel a bit like retreating.

I pushed myself a bit and now I feel a bit daft. It’s strange because I’ve noticed that some people only kept in touch when I was at my lowest. It’s OK though, I have my family and my camera for company.

I can lose myself in a book or in writing. I toyed with the idea of writing a memoir but I’ve decided the past can stay in the past. I don’t need to reopen old wounds and revisit those places.

On a positive note I volunteered at parkrun again today and loved it. Everyone is just so friendly, it’s a great atmosphere.

I also went off  exploring. I never tire of the beauty that is Sligo. I’m blessed to live here.



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  1. Stunning photos Val. Life is interesting isn’t it- how it weaves in and out, as do the people. I have been thinking about this also, how some folks are around for a bit, others longer etc. I have also realized I am also pulling back a bit- could be the time of year- tired from the holidays, busy writing etc etc. When drama is going on I often say- “not my circus, not my monkeys ” I have however noticed of late that my circus tent is getting smaller LOL I have also noticed some folks are only around when I’m struggling- which is fine as this does help- but that also says more about them then me. Hang in there Val..and be the beautiful, authentic person we are lucky to know.

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