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It was a shock to be asked to be on the Claire Byrne Live show talking about panic attacks, anxiety and depression. It’s hard to condense over two years into two minutes though and I was very nervous so I didn’t get to say all the things I wanted to say.

To give you a background, last year I wrote a piece for The Journal. I didn’t think anything more about it, I hoped it might give people some hope as anxiety and panic attacks can make people feel very isolated. Last week I got a call from the Claire Byrne show, they asked everything about the attacks, it was a very in-depth call and they asked if I’d be interested in going on the show.

As it’s a live current affairs show I didn’t know until the actual day if I’d be on there or if Brexit or something else might have taken over. Anyway I was on with DJ and reporter Blanaid Treacy and Dr. Harry Barry. I got to the studio an hour before the show started and had my make up done by a really lovely lady. The other guests were there and they were very friendly even though I was the only ‘nobody’. I got to have a really good chat with Blanaid and Harry as we were sitting in a room before we were needed on the show.

I wanted to say so much more than I did. I’m not an expert but I’d like to have shared more of my experiences to perhaps give people who might be suffering some hope.

I’ve always written about my experiences but it’s hard to have a voice, especially locally. Various mental health events have happened and I would have loved to have spoken at them but it’s never happened. So to get a chance to speak on a national level was a huge honour.

Thank you to all at RTE for giving me the opportunity to tell people at least a little bit of my story and thank you to those who sent such lovely messages.

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  1. I watched the show the next day(today) on RTE Player as I am in North Carolina,and could not watch RTE live.You did a great job… Just as good as anyone else.Dont say you are a “nobody”,you are as good as the next person.We the Irish are fast to discredit ourselves.Keep up the good work.Try to speak locally as I think hearing someone who is just an ordinary person speak about how they came through the rough,scary times,gives more hope to others in the same boat.I will continue to follow you,and keep up the good work.The hair looked lovely by the way.x

    1. Thank you Kathy for your lovely words.
      They have been a few events locally and are some coming up but they have their speakers sorted.
      I might be writing something for a local paper though. x

  2. Strange thing about tv is the time constraints- in the rush to max the ratings the have barely scratched the surface before the move on.. the question that remains is why so many of us are plagued by mental health issues was it always that way or is it something about modern day living that is causing it?

  3. Social media may be involved – when tv arrived in rural Ireland early 70s people quit visiting instead having there brain filled with propaganda and fear mongering in there own dwelling.. pubs an homes can’t have intimate conversation without the tv on and will disengage or half listen to there companions.. and now the iPhone has added to the madness … of course they are useful tools but the power and influence the wield is overwhelming…

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