A Kayaking Adventure

Kayaks water

This weekend was the Taste of Adventure weekend organised by Adventure Sligo. It was the chance to try one of the many adventures we have here in Sligo from horse-riding to hiking, surfing to sailing and everything in between.

I chose to go out on a kayak trip of Lough Gill with Sligo Kayak Tours. I’ve never been out with them before and I’ve never kayaked on Lough Gill before – actually I couldn’t tell you if I’ve ever kayaked before because I get confused between kayaks and canoes.

So yesterday morning off I went to my adventure. It was fairly windy when I left home but we do live up on a hill so thankfully when I arrived to Lough Gill it had calmed down.

Our group of 8 took to the water after Caroline and Eamon kitted us out in all the equipment we needed and explained the safety precautions and how to paddle.

Kayak water swans

I found being on the water very relaxing just paddling along surrounded by nature. I didn’t take too many photos as I found when I stopped paddling and started clicking the kayak started to drift.

We took a break at Hazelwood, I struggled to get out of the kayak and just sort of fell out which I thought was hilarious! I was pleasantly surprised to see our guides had freshly brewed coffee and shortbread biscuits as well as tea. Sligo Kayak Tours have a leave no trace policy so when we’d finished everything was packed up and taken with us.

There was a photo shoot with a brave photographer. I had serious camera envy. I had my little waterproof camera so I was able to take photos without worrying but I missed my zoom lens. I took a pic underwater as well though.

Paddling back to base was a little harder for me, my arms were starting to ache a bit but it’s just using muscles that aren’t used often. I surprised myself by managing to get out of the kayak this time – wonders will never cease.

I said farewell to the guys at Sligo Kayak Tours tired but happy. It really was a lovely day and I’ve already decided I’m going back again. You can check out Adventure Sligo and see if you find an adventure or two that appeals to you.

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