O’Rourke’s Table, Leitrim

Stairs bluebells Ireland

I was looking for bluebells this week and I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook page of a beautiful stairway surrounded by bluebells. I had to go and see this place for myself. It was the walk to O’Rourke’s Table.

Irish road sign

Google maps took me to the wrong place, so after ending up halfway up a mountain on a dirt track I headed to Newtownmanor…and I found the entrance to the walk.

Bluebells flowers stairs

It’s a short walk but there are over 300 steps to climb. I would have filmed it but all you’d have been able to hear would have been my heavy breathing! To be honest walking up with a bad back and a dodgy hip wasn’t the best idea but I did it.

Bluebells Forest

The stairway really is beautiful, surrounded by hundreds of bluebells. As I walked up I could hear the cuckoo, a sign that summer is on the way.

Irish landscape

The views from the top are spectacular! You can see all over Leitrim and Sligo, there’s a picnic table if you fancy bringing a picnic – a great chance to relax and catch your breath.

Irish mountain landscape

The walk down is much easier, of course, and it really is worth a visit. I hope you like the photos.

Spider web and ferns

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  1. Did the walk last October. Very well worth it. My partner was ahead of me and spurred me on by keep saying nearly there I can see the top just round the next corner…of course it wasn’t! Views from the top are spectacular with what was once called O’Rourke’s Castle now Parke’s Castle on the Loch edge. Beautiful springtime photo’s thank you for sharing. From an O’Rourke x

  2. Herrick and Wordsworth wrote about the transient beauty of daffodils. Has any poet written memorable lines about bluebells? or primroses?

    1. Take the road from Sligo to Dromahair. After Parke’s Castle you’ll see a turn on the left signposted Newtownmanor. Turn up there are you’ll see the walk entrance on the left.

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