A mid-week roundup

A blog post with a bit of everything today. Firstly Jono had his pain management injections today. The last ones were in August and he was meant to have more after four months but the health service is stretched way beyond capacity.

This was very evident today when we arrived at the hospital. The waiting room was packed and the consultant was struggling to get through all the patients before she was needed in surgery at 2 pm.

There were no rooms available for the nurse to check patient’s medications so this had to be done in a corridor. I wonder how long this situation can continue for? The staff are trying to put a brave face on things but it can’t be easy in such conditions.

After a couple of hours waiting Jono got his injections. He doesn’t complain, he was very relieved to get them done. Hopefully they’ll kick in soon and he’ll be able to be a bit more mobile than usual.

Onto other news. I have finished working at The Cat and the Moon in Sligo after 3 and a half years. I’m very grateful to Martina for giving me a job there and although I’ll miss the team I was offered my dream job….eeek! I will tell you more about that soon so watch this space. 🙂


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