Craft heaven

I’m still very obsessed with needle felting. I try to make something every couple of days. It’s very satisfying starting with a bit of wool and ending up with a character. Plus the stabbing part of it is great!

There’s no sewing involved which suits me fine. Just wool, a special needle and a piece of foam to stab onto.

I now have a mantlepiece full of different creatures. The other day when I was in Penneys I saw a cheap t-shirt so I wondered if I could add something to it.

So I added a fox! It only took around 20 minutes and I’m really pleased with it. Of course I have no idea if it will stay on there or how I’m going to wash it but it was fun while it lasted!

I haven’t picked up a paintbrush since I started the felting. I really love making these little guys. Long may it continue.

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