A treat for Thursday

Firstly it was a happy day because it was bin day. Seriously I get quite excited about the bin being emptied especially when I forgot to leave it out over Christmas and it’s a month since it’s been emptied!

After the excitement of the bins I headed to Manorhamilton to a Vintage Tea and Storytelling morning. This was hosted by Bloomin’ Fabulous Vintage Events (if you are looking for someone to cater for your event this is your person). The morning was for carers as part of the First Fortnight Festival and was the only event to be held in Leitrim (there was nothing in Sligo).

It was lovely to spend some time with other folk in a similar situation. I didn’t know anyone but they were all so friendly and welcoming and I soon got chatting. A lady called Margaret was telling us the history of the Manorhamilton Castle Cafe, apparently it was originally used to house cattle.

Bloomin' Fabulous Vintage Tea Parties

Over tea and cakes Margaret told us of how things used to be. How families worked and how nothing was thrown out. She told tales of huge bags of flour being delivered to the household from Pollexfen Mill in Ballisodare. When the flour was used the bags were washed and left out to dry on the hedges. The bags were then sewn together and used to make bed sheets! When the sheets had come to the end of their lives they were used to make tea towels! It was fascinating hearing how things used to be.

It was a really lovely morning and thank you to JoAnne for organising it.

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