A weekend of B’s

That’s B’s as in Ballina, Bayside and Boyle. Lucy was home for the weekend so we took a trip to Ballina just for the craic. Well no actually it was to visit Jack Fenn’s Courtyard Cafe at Belleek Castle in Ballina and to have a look around the shops.

Waffles with fruit and ice cream

I really like Jack Fenn, it’s well worth a visit and is in a beautiful location in Belleek Forest. I had waffles and they were the nicest ones I’ve ever had. Lucy was being good and had Eggs Benedict.

After our breakfast we went to Ballina town and spent way too long in Penneys, you’ll know I hate that shop. We also looked around the charity shops and there are quite a lot of them in Ballina.

Coleslaw and cheese topped chips

On the way home we stopped in Enniscrone to check out the Bayside Diner. I’d seen a Michael D. Higgins gingerbread man and wanted to get one for Jono. We had some fab topped chips while we were there. I’m new to this topped chips malarkey and before I would have thought coleslaw and cheese on chips were wrong but it’s lovely.

I dropped Lucy to Boyle this evening and the town looks lovely with the Christmas lights up. It was a great weekend and a nice change of scenery too.

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