Start me up

I’ve a banjaxed car again. I went to take Jono swimming yesterday and it wouldn’t start. I thought (hoped) it might just be a dead battery but no such luck.

Andy is really handy when it comes to cars and he figured out the starter motor has packed up. He was hoping it just might have been stuck so we tried dragging it down the road to see if we could free it up. Not easy when it’s just the two of us battling with a hill. At one point the car was heading towards a wall….eek! We managed to stop it but holy moley it was a close call.

The car is now safely back on the drive and our muscles aren’t the better for it. I’ve decided next year is the year I buy a new car…I don’t know what with but I figure if the thought is there first the rest will follow. You’d know I’m reading a self-help book wouldn’t you?

Happy thanksgiving to all my readers across the pond. I hope you all have a lovely day.

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