Back to reality

After our break in Poland it’s back to reality and back to the rain. It’s strange to think it’s October already, this year is flying, I can’t wait for it to dry up a bit so I can take some photos.

I’ve decided I need to lose weight – again. I’m sick of trying to struggle into trousers and having my belly resting on my lap when I sit down. I’m not going mad because I was looking back on photos when I lost weight last time and my face looked really wrinkled. I was also as miserable as sin! It seems to be a choice between a waist and a face!

On a positive note I finally found something in Penneys that was too big for me…too bad it was just a pair of slippers!

So anyway day one of the healthy eating went well and I even did 20 minutes on the treadmill as well as walking the dogs. My knees are in bits tonight though but maybe when I lose a few pounds they might improve.

Typical the week I start eating healthily I’m going for Afternoon Tea but everything in moderation and I’m sure there’ll be fruit somewhere in it so that’s healthy. 😉 I’ll let you know how I get on.


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