Keeping it local


This year I’ve made a conscience effort to try to keep my business locally. The calendars, as you know, contain photos all taken in County Sligo. So in taking the photos I’ve had to put petrol in my car and quite often had lunch or coffee where ever I’ve happened to be. All supporting local businesses.

Printfix in Sligo printed the calendars for me. I’m delighted with the quality and the service. From my first meeting with Caitriona, complete with a cuppa, to the finished result she has gone above and beyond my expectations.

From grabbing the calendars from them and running down the hill to deliver them to Liber and the Yeats Memorial Building. From buying the envelopes to post overseas in Clever Office or Sligo Office Suppies. Withdrawing the money from Sligo Credit Union, heading to the post office to post them. It’s all done locally.

Even selling on Etsy – I can sit at my kitchen table with my doggos at my feet and manage my customers. There’s a big shift now for remote working and I can see why. It makes life so much easier, I can fit in Jono’s appointments around much easier and work when I want to work.

If you are interested in finding out more about Grow remote and the event they have at the end of September you can click here.

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