A bit of everything

It’s been a real mix of a week that’s involved hospital appointments, saying good bye to a friend, planning a trip, pressing pause and of course cake.

Firstly the cake…And it was worth every calorie. A friend of mine is moving away so we said good bye over cake. I met him through the blog years ago and we meet up whenever he’s not seeing the world. We always have a great chat and a laugh and I’ll miss him but I wish him all the very best of luck.

Onto the hospital. Jono had his pain management injections yesterday. I’m still quite shook by the whole experience so goodness knows how he feels. I’m also astounded that he doesn’t blink a eyelid during the procedure which involves a lot of injections into the muscles in his back. It looks so painful, I know I’d be in bits. He said it hurts but he’s in pain most of the time so he knows these help. It’s been 8 months since the last lot so he was well overdue these and he’s feeling an improvement already.

Just as well he got them this week as he’s planned a very short trip to Liverpool. He hasn’t travelled for a long time and this is really a test to see if he can do it again. It’s the shortest trip, with the flight from Knock and we’ll be in Liverpool for less than 24 hours. He has the wheelchair so I’m hoping he’ll be OK because he loves travelling and he’s spent so long at home it’ll be lovely for him to get a break.

Onto taking a pause. I went to a lunchtime meditation session today. Last time I did meditation it was a guided one which I totally failed at. I didn’t ‘see’ what I was supposed to be seeing and I ended up with a headache! This time was lovely, it was just for half an hour which honestly is long enough for me to keep my mouth shut! I felt all kinds of sensations from tingling on my head to goosebumps and I don’t know if that’s what’s meant to happen but anyway. I’m reading a book about connecting with angel guides at the moment and it says about feeling different sensations so I’m open to suggestion.

So anyway that was the week in a nutshell. I hope you’re week has been kind to you.

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