Glorious Glencar

Another night of insomnia so I decided to get up in the end instead of sitting in bed thinking of what ifs and what might have beens. I left the house in the dark at around 5am and headed to Glencar. I’ve always wanted to do the bog road walk up to the mountain so this morning seemed like as good a time as any.

To find this walk you’ll see a turn to the left opposite Glencar Lake at the boathouse. If you get to Glencar Waterfall you’ve gone a bit too far. I parked at the lake and started walking.

The first part of the walk was in the moonlight, you are walking on a road so it’s not slippy and you won’t lose a shoe (makes a change for me!). Part of it is through a forest though which probably wasn’t the most sensible idea given that I’m reading a book about a serial killer and he’s just murdered someone in a forest! So I have to admit I’m jump at the slightest sound.

I fairly flew up the hill and reached the top of the mountain in 30 minutes, albeit with a pounding heart. When I reached the top the sun was rising and it seemed like I was the only person awake in the whole world – apart from the sheep and the crows but they aren’t people.

The scenery was breathtaking – and no that wasn’t the pounding heart. The sun was spreading golden light over the mountains, Glencar Lake was so clear it was like glass and it was just so magical. It was so worth the walk and I will be doing it again. You can read more about this walk and the other ones in Glencar on the Sligo Walks website.



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