Today I went to an event that moved me and educated me. I didn’t know much about human trafficking (or modern day slavery) but Soilsigh (to illuminate) told some of the stories of this awful exploitation. The stories were told through music, dance and art and was just so eye opening I would urge anyone to go and see it. The last night is tomorrow in The Factory Performance Space, Sligo at 8pm. I would love to see this travel the country as it was so informative and so moving. Well done to all involved. This event was organised by Sarah Bearden in association with Invisible Traffick.


“Soilsigh Ireland is an international arts project base in Sligo, Ireland, connecting & collaborating between dancers, musicians, and visual artists from around the world. This year’s event features talented artists from Sligo and abroad to tell the unheard stories of those being trafficked and exploited. Audience members are invited to experience the truth about human trafficking in Ireland in a unique and tangible way: the darkness, isolation, exploitation, along with the hope, healing and freedom that is made possible by those fighting to free these victims.”


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  1. I’ve known Sarah for several years now, and can testify to how authentic, deeply felt, and true her artwork is. She’s brought together a truly amazing group of artists to pour their hearts into this event, and into the lives and situations of the people they are bringing into the light.

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