SWIBN Summer Evening

Years ago I was asked if I’d be interested in joining SWIBN – my reply was I can’t swib…I’m such a smart arse sometimes and not in good way. Anyway I wasn’t sure I was a SWIB, for those who don’t know it stands for the Sligo Women in Business Network, but now I have Sligo Hub (even though it’s voluntary at the moment) I decided to join.

Anyway I’m rambling as always, last night a lovely summer event was organised by the network. We had a walk along the Leitrim greenway in Dromahair, the greenway is part of the old Sligo Leitrim North Counties Railway line and is now a lovely walk. Bridget, who is a botanist, was telling us about some of the plants along the way and what they can be used for both medicinal purposes and for food. I loved the little villages that the children have built in the trees.

At the end of the walk we headed up to The Edgerole Kitchen for a vegan feast and what a feast it was. Mike and Jo have an amazing eco-friendly house and their story is well worth a read, they are inspirational. They now host regular supper clubs in their home and they provide catering for events so if you are looking for some fantastic vegan food give them a shout.

We were seated in a beautiful room overlooking the garden, fairy lights were gently glowing and the room was full of chat and laughter. The main course was a buffet so we could have as much or a little as we wanted and we were encouraged to swap seats during the meal so we could to chat to different people. It reminded me of a kind of speed dating minus the dating!

It was lovely  (if a bit nerve-wracking to begin with) chatting to people who I’d never met or who I might have come across briefly but hadn’t spoken to properly. Everyone was friendly and I’m looking forward to the next event. If you are a Sligo woman in business and would like to find out more about the network you can do so here.



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