Drowning in pressure

I’m starting to get quite stressed, more so than usual, at the moment I feel like I have way to much going on to be able to deal with. I’m going to take some time to work out today what is necessary for me to do and what will have to be shelved.

It’s back to the whole thing of not wanting to let anyone down but running myself ragged. So today it’ll be all about working out priorities. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to paint (except for at the wonderful Lily Lolly Watercolour Class on Friday) I really miss painting so I need to get back to it.

I also have a million photos to edit and umpteen blog posts to write but if they get written in a few weeks so be it.

The first change is that my last Havin’ a Laugh Social Coffee morning is tomorrow (Monday 11th June) in The Blind Tiger, Sligo from 10 am – 12 noon. All are welcome and I’d love to see you for a final time.

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  1. I thinks its this wonderful summer weather lately, Val, and these longer lights days. We are urged to be out in this and bathe in it, doing things, while we can.

    I have shelved a lot of writing, photography and video work thinking, there will be crappy winter days soon enough to use cathing up this stuff. Maybe this is so with your paintings and photos?

    Like you giving up Having A Laugh I think I am about to let go Bards In The Woods. Here’s to good inspired reasoning today Val.

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