Tight trousers, John Travolta and more….

It’s been a mixed bag of a day. The first dilemma was trying to get my trousers on this morning, I needed to lie on a bed to do the button up….I sort of forgot about that fact when I was out and about…so the slabs of cake have to stop.

We went swimming and I took Jono for a lovely reiki treatment with Gently Drift that he really enjoyed. While he was there I had to go to the library to print out my bank statements. I’m not kidding it was like War and Peace all over again – over 60 odd pages for just 3 months! It makes for quite depressing reading too. I was sitting next to a John Travolta fan in the library who was also on a computer and doing his own live version of Grease, I must say between him singing and the online banking website my nerves were as frayed as the button hole on my trousers.

Lucy made me feel better by buying me a gorgeous purse covered in dogs. It’s so cute! I can’t wait to start using it….hopefully it’ll be a lucky purse too. There’s a big sale in the Essential Seconds MS charity shop in Sligo town so well worth checking out.

This afternoon I went to a local garden centre and I was quite sad to see plants dying. Beautiful poppies all withering away, at the back of the centre. I asked if they were for sale and was told they were a euro each I only bought two of them because I’m not sure if I will be able to revive them and I couldn’t afford 30 odd quid on half dead plants but I’m sad that the rest are going to die. 😦 I hope plants go to heaven.

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